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Who We Are >>>

We are Vanfrank, the Information Communication Technology solutions provider with a focus on delivering customized services to our clients. We are in business to ensure that in executing our projects, we adopt a strategy that guarantees lower costs, higher quality, improved response times and increased revenue for our clients.

what we do >>>

Our range of services includes responsive technical support, network infrastructure planning and implementation, and execution of technology driven business solutions and office automation.
We also offer consulting services that propel our clients to the forefront of innovative Information Technology.

how we work >>>

At Vanfrank, we are committed to providing professional services that synchronize people and processes with technology to guarantee enhanced productivity.
We steer our clients towards a more business-driven approach in Information Technology service delivery.

service desk >>>

The Service Desk is our model for delivering value to our clients by facilitating their desired outcomes without the ownership of specific costs or risks. We reduce the pressures and other constraints that limit our clients from fully realizing their set goals. Through our various Service Desks, we keep in touch with our clients constantly and that is why we are able respond promptly to user and infrastructure related issues that arise from time to time.

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